After your long flight, you will take the ferry for transfer to Freetown for your first night's accommodation. Depending on your arrival time, there will be a welcoming and orientation meeting on the first evening or the following morning for you to get to know the other members of your group and to receive up to date information.

Accommodation/ Meals

Well-furnished private accommodation, with mosquito protection.
3 meals a day- on tours a light packed lunch is provided.
Weather permitting, we shall be organising beach barbecues evenings, with locally caught fresh atlantic fish and seafood, and local meat and free range chicken. Meals will generally also include the local staples rice and cassava. A cool Star beer from Freetown or local speciality palm wine can be recommended. Other refreshments including bottled mineral water are readily available.

Entertainment and Culture

You may of course want to try your luck in the Casino,
we shall organise 'African evenings' with drumming and dancing.
Join in and learn basic drumming or create your own dancing style.


in Freetown (1/2 day or whole day combinations)

  • Chimpanzee rehabilitation camp at Regent
  • National Brewery
  • Old village areas of Freetown
  • In the evenings one can enjoy eating international or local cuisine whilst watching the red and fantastic sunset. You can also enjoy watching local dancers or go discoing yourself.

to provincial areas (whole day or with overnight stay)

huts National Park and rural areas.The spectacular and varied scenery of the countryside makes it very interesting. During the day, one can tour the hills and the tropical forests. A chance to see exotic birds, animals, and colourful butterflies.
Traditional Villages- see how village economy works. Close contact with the people gives one social and cultural understanding, a real picture of African village economy, small scale crop growers, and palmwine tappers. Palm Wine is a lightly fermented beverage with a low alcohol content traditionally served with hot food, mostly roasted beef. Palm Wine is an approved drink and good for the health.


seaside The beaches of Sierra Leone are amongst the best in Africa. They are wide, long and clean. The trees around serve as shades to relax and to have a cool drink.  The beach called “number 2 river” is of white sand with spectacular scenery where the river joins the sea.
  • many clean beaches in the Freetown area (Lumely beach, Number 2 River, Laka beach, Hamilton beach are just some)
  • Beaches are quiet and offer relaxation

National Park

The Outamba-Kilimi National Park in the north of Sierra Leone just has to be visited. It offers very good scenery, and a variety of wildlife including elephants and chimpanzees.