Akutay UK & NI Branch, its formation and current acting executive:


Following a successful and productive meeting involving Alpha Sesay, Binta Barrie and myself (Momodu Mansaray) with Chief S.A.Y Sesay here in London on the 7th of May 2017, a meeting was held at Sister Alisa Conteh-Kargbo's place on the 16/05/2017, attended by motivated and enthusiastic Limba people. The hospitality was very good. In my opening speech as Chairperson, I called on the attendees to make use of this opportunity and emphasised the importance of this meeting as it may well go down in history as UK and Northern Ireland Akutay Founders. I further explained that our gathering is not for our own individual interests, but for a collective purpose to pursue the dream of our forefathers such as Siaka P. Stevens and present elders such as Chief S.A.Y Sesay and others.

Network of communication: Following the meeting, a network of communication via Whatsapp was setup by our able brother Mr Conteh. As a result of this we have seen a rise in numbers.

The word Akutay as we all know comes from the Limba ethnic group of Sierra Leone. One of the great founding leaders Chief S.A.Y Sesay a prominent Limba Chief and a key influential figure in Sierra Leone Politics thought that if this organisation is to continue, prosper and keep to its aims and objectives the mantle of responsibility has to be passed to a new generation of all Limbas.
I recently came to know Chief Sesay personally and I would describe him as a leader with an outstanding commitment to any task he sets himself to do. He is a honest man who believe in his principles for the good of man and Country. When Chief Sasay asked us to form a branch of Akutay here in the UK and Northern Ireland, I see this, as not only does he have trust and respect for us, but also he sees the capabilities in us to take up the task. If we failed to take up the responsibilities of Akutay, we are failing not only our generation, but also our children and grandchildren to come.
To all Limba people at home and abroad, on behalf of the current Founding member Chief Sesay and past members, I would like to extend the faith, trust and capabilities they have entrusted in us to take up the responsibilities of forming the Akutay UK and Northern Ireland branch.
Following the Speech, it was unanimously agreed that we open AKutay branch here in the UK and Northern Ireland. It was also agreed that I continue to be the Acting Chairperson and Alpha the Vice Chair. Other positions were agreed such as Secretary General, Financial Secretary, social welfare and whip and Public Relation Officer.

Germany:I discussed the idea about Akutay in Berlin, and it was well received. It is my hope that after the London branch takes off we will invite a representative from Berlin to one of our meetings. I also believe that members of the current team here in the UK are willing to help launch a branch in Germany.