Welcome to Akutay

akutayhouse Akutay is a charitable and humanitarian organisation established to enhance socio-economic development among its membership with emphasis on female and child education.
The Association is poised to carve the way forward for its members with constructive thinking to improve capacity and upgrade the economic, social and political life of its members.
One of its objectives is to foster unity and create an enabling environment for socio-economic prosperity with short and long-term profit-oriented investment for sustainable agricultural development programmes leading to self-sufficiency in food to feed the nation.

Aims: To call the attention of the Limba community by reminding them with a word of slogans Akutay - meaning can you see? or have you seen? To introduce a standard way of living in life as others do - example:
Objectives: To be aware of the value of education Economic empowerment To develop high self-esteem Become an outspoken somebody on social, economic, cultural and political issues.

Akutay is a friendly Association of the Limba ethnic group of Sierra Leone. The Association started as a 'Limba Friendly Society' in 1976 and later transformed by consensus in 1982 into the 'Akutay Friendly Association' registered under the Friendly Society Act, 1924 of the Sierra Leone Constitution.
The organisation has several assets, which includes land, and the Akutay House located at Nr. 56/56A Bass Street, Brookfield, Freetown.
"AKUTAY" is derived from the Limba ethnic group language of Sierra Leone, in the form of a question and has multiple meanings:
  • Can you see?
  • Can you hear anything?
  • Do you understand what is happening?
It can also be used as a slogan within the Limba Community. It stands for: All Kinds of Unit Together Addressed Yearly

Akutay has a long and enduring history since it formation as a wakeup call to consolidate the aspiration of its members offering scholarship to deserving students in primary, secondary and tertiary institution in Sierra Leone and aboard.
We also catered for middle man power and training which is today evident in all sector of economic development all over the country for present generation to be aware of the achievements made by the association to improve with avowed commitment the educational level of its members and the people of Sierra Leone.

The association is grateful to the founding fathers, especially His Excellence the late Dr. Siaka Probyn Stevens who had played major roles in different capacities in the development of Sierra Leone before and after independence.